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Curious to see how others benefited from God’s message on loving beyond the mood of the moment? We’re grateful for a few bloggers who took time to read and review the book before publication. Hopefully you find their feedback helpful! And don’t forget to swing by for a sneak peak inside the book itself!

From the very first lines of Sarah Fairchild’s new release, Every Wife’s Choice, I knew this book had the potential to powerfully impact women, especially those in modern marriages…

Jen’s review can be read in full at her site, Being Confident of This…

I’ll be the first to confess…I’ve used 1 Corinthians 13 as a weapon against my husband. Both verbally and silently. Silently in my head as I recounted all the ways he didn’t love me the way it says we’re supposed to love. Now that I’ve said that, I hope I’m not the only one.

Please don’t leave me hanging on this limb. M’kay?

And then this book – Every Wife’s Choice – came along to remind me that I wont change my husband by reminding him of the ways he’s not living up to Scripture…

Rosalind’s review can be read in full at her website HERE.

Grace filled advice, infused with humor, and supported by a studious attention to detail within the Scriptures made me appreciate Sarah’s words.  I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any woman want to strengthen their marriage.

I have read many marriage books, and this one is different.  I feel like the message of taking control of what we have the power over, our own choices, how we love, how we react to conflict, is empowering.

Dawn’s review can be read in full at her website HERE.

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