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A simple truth for a worthwhile today

I'm still re-calibrating life after the exhilarating, exhausting month of May when all of my long-term projects culminated in completion one right after the other! From finishing graduate school to the final round of edits on Story of the Spirit (©2018) to wrapping up homeschool lessons for my son and RUNNING my first half-marathon—all goals I… Continue reading A simple truth for a worthwhile today

Holy Spirit

Help! Which book blurb would you pick?

Hello fellow book lovers and bible study friends! I need your help!! We are finalizing the back cover of my next book before it heads on to the typesetting phase with the publisher and I can't decide which one I like better. Granted, the differences are subtle, but sometimes those subtleties make all the difference!… Continue reading Help! Which book blurb would you pick?

Holy Spirit

Sneak Peak at the latest book contract!

Imagine falling in love with two-thirds of a person and deciding that was good enough. You build a life together, raise a family together, celebrate anniversary after anniversary together, but never bother exploring or embracing that final third of who they are. How sad to settle for good enough and miss the greater intimacy of… Continue reading Sneak Peak at the latest book contract!

Holy Spirit

Third Wheels & The Trinity

Ever been in one of those third wheel situations? Awkward! It reminds me of the little worksheets my son worked on in preschool. Remember these?! As unspiritual as it sounds, sometimes the Trinity has a bit of a third wheel problem. Now before you accuse me of heresy, hear me out! I affirm the Trinity.… Continue reading Third Wheels & The Trinity


Speaking Engagement – CrossLife Church

It was such a joy to speak at my home church as part of their Essential Elements sermon series! They spent five weeks journeying through Acts and the phenomenal formation of the early church in terms of teaching, prayer, community, discipleship, and evangelism. Essential Element #3: Community can be listened to HERE. I pray your… Continue reading Speaking Engagement – CrossLife Church

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Lifeway Bookstore Invitation

Preparations are underway for THIS weekend's simulcast with Beth Moore at Huntington Baptist Church, and I am grateful for the invitation to join the on-site Lifeway bookstore with several copies of Every Wife's Choice!  If you're in the Northeast Indiana area we encourage you to explore the event details, times, and location by clicking HERE! Stop… Continue reading Lifeway Bookstore Invitation

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FREE Giveaway NOW!! (Hope for the Hurting Wife)

[To enter the FREE drawing SUBSCRIBE to our monthly newsletter at the BOTTOM of our website and don't forget to LIKE the Facebook page if you haven't already! Good luck!!] ***************** Hope for the Hurting Wife is a thirty-day devotional journey that meets hurting and heartbroken wives right in the midst of a difficult marriage… Continue reading FREE Giveaway NOW!! (Hope for the Hurting Wife)

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Book Giveaway – Hope for the Hurting Wife

What better way to head into the holiday weekend than another FREE book giveaway! You've seen the 'coming soon' images on our Facebook feed, and I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to the authors as we inch closer to the launch. Stay tuned for further details, friends, and have a wonderful holiday… Continue reading Book Giveaway – Hope for the Hurting Wife

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A great addition to your FREE summer library!

It's true! We've teamed up with Kindle Unlimited for the summer to share these empowering truths from Scripture for every wife in the midst of learning to love beyond the moment. And it's FREE for all our Kindle Unlimited friends.   And as we sync websites we've refreshed some past posts to share on the… Continue reading A great addition to your FREE summer library!

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So there’s this book I wrote…

It has been some time since I first shared chapter excerpts for this book in progress, and I am continually learning how to live out the message of loving beyond the mood of the moment. Choosing love was a game changer in my life, and the truth God used to empower that choice is finally published and available today!… Continue reading So there’s this book I wrote…