Story of the Spirit

Most of us relate more easily to God as Father and Son than Spirit; though we intellectually affirm the Spirit’s value, we inadvertently treat Him like the third wheel of the Trinity. We struggle to make sense of the Mystery masked in confusion and controversy, so we settle for less than we long for in our relationship with Him.

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Just as the story of Messiah begins long before the manger scene, so the Spirit’s story precedes Pauline perspectives on Spirit-filled living. Yet the vast majority of publications on the Holy Spirit draw exclusively from New Testament passages. While we catch a glimpse of Him in these closing scenes, we regrettably miss the richness of character development designed for a far more epic conclusion than the one we experience.

Story of the Spirit* unveils the Holy Spirit’s true nature through stories of real people in the Old Testament. Scene by scene, from Moses to Gideon to David, this book draws on our natural mode of learning through storytelling to reveal the Holy Spirit as a Person we can relate to rather than a riddle to unravel or doctrinal dilemma to resolve. This fresh fusion of theology swaddled in story cultivates the authentic connection Christians crave but cannot seem to find.


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