Story of the Spirit

When the Spirit enters the scene, people change. The fallen find redemption. The fearful find freedom. The broken find hope and healing for a new beginning.

But how do we trust a Spirit we struggle to know and understand?


Story of the Spirit breaks down barriers of confusion and controversy by exploring his
partnerships with real people in the Old Testament. Through the eyes of leaders like Moses and Gideon and lesser known heroes like Jephthah and Bezalel, we discover a Spirit who

  • Champions second chances
  • Emboldens the insecure
  • Restores lost peace and purpose
  • Transforms places of wounding into places of worship

It’s time to turn the page in our perception with the Holy Spirit and awaken his powerful
presence in our lives. He is more than a riddle to unravel or mystery to solve. He is a Person we were always meant to know. Knowing him inspires trust. Trusting him transforms the unfolding chapters of our own story with potential made possible only in relationship with the whole of who God is – Father, Son, and Spirit.

Available NOW as a small group resource (workbook included), sermon series platform, or personal study.

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Just as the story of Messiah begins long before the manger scene, so the Spirit’s story precedes Pauline perspectives on Spirit-filled living. Yet the vast majority of publications on the Holy Spirit draw exclusively from New Testament passages. While we catch a glimpse of Him in these closing scenes, we regrettably miss the richness of character development designed for a far more epic conclusion than the one we experience. Stay tuned for updates regarding this upcoming individual and small group bible study with included discussion guide from Resource Publications author, Sarah Jo Fairchild.


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