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Huntington University Alum Reveals Holy Spirit As More Than Third Wheel In New Book

LOCAL Huntington author and HU alum publishes new book Story of the Spirit: Knowing Who He Is Transforms Who You Become

Written by Sarah Jo Fairchild; Foreword by Todd. H. Fetters

Published by Resource Publications®

Just as the story of Messiah begins long before the manger scene, so the Spirit’s story precedes Pauline perspectives on Spirit-filled living. Yet the vast majority of publications draw exclusively from New Testament passages. Confused by imagery describing the Spirit as tongues of fire or a dove, Christians struggle to connect with Him on a personal level. It’s easier to interact with God as protective Father or Christ as compassionate Redeemer and Friend, so while they intellectually affirm the Spirit’s importance, many inadvertently treat Him like the third wheel of the Trinity.

But what if a fuller portrait of the Holy Spirit emerged? What if the Bible actually did reveal Him in ways we were meant to connect with in an authentic, meaningful manner?

Story of the Spirit illuminates His behind-the-scenes involvement with fallen leaders and unlikely heroes throughout the Old Testament. He interacted with people like Moses, David, and Elijah on a relational level that rewrote their storyline and forever impacted future chapters of their life.

Knowing who He was transformed who they became.

The same can happen for you. Brave the Old Testament waters, explore His partnerships with real people facing real problems, and discover a side of God you never knew you were missing. Discover the Spirit.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your relationship with the whole of who God is–Father, Son, and Spirit–begin the adventure today by purchasing your own copy HERE.

available now

*Author Sarah Jo Fairchild hails from Huntington, Indiana where she earned her B.A. in Biblical Studies from Huntington University and Masters in Ministry from Bethel College. Sarah believes bible study is best shared with others and offers a free digital media pack for use of this publication in small groups or as a sermon series. For more information visit her website:  sarahjofairchild.com


© Story of the Spirit Press Release 11/13/2018

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