Holy Spirit

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Imagine falling in love with two-thirds of a person and deciding that was good enough. You build a life together, raise a family together, celebrate anniversary after anniversary together, but never bother exploring or embracing that final third of who they are. How sad to settle for good enough and miss the greater intimacy of knowing the fullness of their heart.

Silly as this illustration seems, it often reflects the reality of a Christian’s relationship with God. We embrace the rich imagery of God as our Father; we identify with Jesus Christ as faithful friend, but we stumble when attention shifts to the Holy Spirit. Wary of wading too deeply into controversial and confusing waters, we keep the Trinity’s most mysterious Member safely at arm’s length. Though we intellectually affirm the Spirit’s value, we inadvertently treat Him like the third wheel of the Trinity, settling for a two-thirds connection and missing out on the deeper intimacy we crave.


Story of the Spirit: Who He is and Why He Matters* demystifies uncertainties and unveils the Holy Spirit’s true nature through stories of real people in the Old Testament. This fresh fusion of theology swaddled in story cultivates the authentic connection Christians crave but cannot seem to find.    ~ Author Sarah Jo Fairchild

Scene by scene, from Moses to Gideon to David, Story of the Spirit draws on our natural mode of learning through storytelling to reveal the Holy Spirit as a Person we can relate to rather than a riddle to unravel or doctrinal dilemma to resolve.

Instead of telling readers that the Holy Spirit is a battle-proven champion of peace, this book sweeps them up in story where He comes to life as such in the epic tale of Gideon. logoimprint_1751974783rp-logoSeeing Him enable a simple man to overcome all odds and persevere to victory entices readers to trust Him with fears they face in their own lives. From favorite characters like King David to lesser known heroes like Othniel and Bezalel, Story of the Spirit breaks through barriers of intimidation and invites readers to experience this integral part of who God is for themselves.

They will discover a Person who:

  • Develops worth from wastelands
  • Emboldens the weary
  • Champions the underdog
  • Restores life after loss

Refuse to settle for less than you long for in your spiritual relationship and connect with the whole of who God is – Father, Son, and Spirit…


*Working Title 2018/2019

Author Sarah Jo Fairchild


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