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Just one of those days (again)

My screen door is open so I can make sure the laughter outside doesn’t turn into arguing, crying or–worst case scenario–silence. I’m sure I’ll join my kids shortly but for the moment my unprocessed perspectives are beginning to pile up and I’m in desperate need of a post!

Its just been one of those days. Again. I’m handling it better than I was this morning, and I credit that to last night’s small group bible study. We are walking verse-by-verse through James, and my heart was so blessed with the reminder that God is always working with a purpose, even on days like these. On days like these when we face one man-made discouragement after another, one complicated crisis after another, He is at work. On days like these when we fail to handle said discouragements and drama in any kind of appropriate way, He is still at work.

These are the days we see the worst in others and react with the worst of ourselves. These are the days we wish for a time machine, a minor case of amnesia, or some magical ability to abra-cadabra the day and have it simply…disappear.

These are also the days I have a reason to choose joy. After all, these are the days that really count.These are the days that growth happens. These are the days the sweet presence of our Father means the most. These are the days that separate the earthly things from the eternal things. These are the days I can count it all joy, not because I handle every aspect of being a foster mom and pastor’s wife in such a super-spiritual, super-smooth way.  Not because I’ve just checked out and no longer care. Not at all!

I can count it all joy because I know this is exactly the kind of no good, horribly bad, downright crappy kind of day necessary to produce the endurance that completes the work so I may be “mature and complete lacking nothing.” (James 1:2-4)

And trust me, these are definitely the days that remind us how helpful a little more maturity could be!!

Some day I won’t have days like these. Some day I’ll sit down to jot a quick post with the breeze carrying the sound of my kiddos laughter, just laughter, through every open window. Some day I won’t have to restart the post after the interruption of imaginary play gone wrong because my foster first-graders have finally learned a version of house that doesn’t end with one of them kicking the other out to live with someone, anyone, else. Some day listening to them “play” won’t break my heart.

Some day I will get to see the Bride of Christ in all her beauty without the imperfections of our humanness. Some day my Pastor husband will not have to handle crisis after crisis after crisis. Some day gossip will give it a rest and miscommunications won’t unhinge the potential awesomeness amongst brothers and sisters in Christ. Some day we will see exactly what God’s plan for HIS body looks like on the other side of our well-intentioned but messy merger! Some day we will look in awe at what HE is going to do through THIS church in THIS community! It will be glorious!

Some day I won’t have to suffer the trials of broken children or broken churches because I will be consumed with the celebration of the work that came to completion through days just like this one. That’s the reality of grace, and its our reason for joy. God can use every moment of days like these for GOOD. It’s kind of His specialty! It doesn’t make days like today less painful or wearying. It just puts them in perspective.

Some days a little perspective can make all the difference.


James 1:2-4 “Count is all joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”



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