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Much Ado about Missions: Holidays and a Higher Purpose

I’m so excited you are joining our “Much Ado about Missions” series! If you missed our introductory post check it out here and browse through the previous few posts via links at the bottom. This week we turn our focus from missions within the home to missions in our community and beyond! I am so excited to share a few favorites that have grown into highly anticipated holiday traditions!

ImageWhy Holidays? There are so many wonderful options and resources for experiencing missions in your community every day of the year. Oftentimes our busy schedules overrule our good intentions, however, so making it a point to mix a little missions into your holiday traditions helps add accountability. It’s a habit I’m still in the process of practicing so please share your holiday ideas!!

1. City Mission Christmas:  This is a special one for our family for sure. After all, my husband and I were in the midst of helping with a Christmas party at a local soup kitchen when our phone rang and changed our world with an adoption match! One year later we volunteered to organize a Christmas morning breakfast at the city mission and bundled up our chubby little six month old adoption miracle boy to do his part in serving up smiles! This tradition is three years strong now and we are happily engaging our growing family in the fun!

Image2. Valentines Day Officer Outreach: Another favorite of our family is to bake up a storm to serve our officers and inmates at the local jail. We want our officers to know they are appreciated and prayed for and we want inmates to know they are remembered by a God whose grace is deep with forgiveness and unfailing love. (We do this a few other times a year as well. Possibilities are endless with red, white, and blue cupcakes or sugar cookies for Independence Day, green for St. Patrick’s, ect!)

Image3. Fireworks & Franks: The fourth of July is a great family day! Why not add a little family outreach time by setting up a tailgate party for others at the local fireworks hangout?! Hot dogs are crazy cheap and with a little coupon magic you can find them for almost free. Involve a few families or church friends to help or just pitch in some buns or little bags of chips. (Can’t you just picture your kids with a tray of food calling out, “Chips and dogs! Get your free chips and dogs! Jesus loves you! Have a hot dog!”) Many churches host outreach events to draw in the community, but this is one time your community is already gathered! Make the most of it and spread a little Jesus love…in a bun!

You can create your own holiday traditions to mix in a mission experience by making the most of your unique community connections. My husband is a chaplain so officer and inmate outreach made sense. Maybe you host an Easter egg hunt for your little girl’s ballet class or your son’s boy scout troop and share the Easter story. Maybe you work with your church to host a community Thanksgiving feast and your kids provide music or theatrical entertainment if that’s their passion. You don’t have to look far to bring a higher purpose to holiday and add a little ‘missional’ flavor to the fun!

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3 thoughts on “Much Ado about Missions: Holidays and a Higher Purpose”

  1. I really like the idea of connecting these missional opportunities to holidays. It’s much easier to be intentional when connected to something that already stands our in the minds of you and your family! Often times when a good idea strikes, I tell myself I’ll have to put it on the calendar. And let’s be honest, as mama to four, I usually forget. These calendar dates are already built in! 🙂

  2. Since these are ideas you’ve personally used, I’m curious if you actually talk about Jesus to the people you’re serving, or if you just focus on showing kindness and serving them.

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