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‘Till Death – Chapter 2 Excerpt

“…I am not a dog person. I am not a cat person either. In fact, despite growing up around an exotic and diverse collection of pets including a flying squirrel and green python that lived in a box underneath the bamboo floor of our village home, I never really developed a love for any type of animal. Perhaps this stems in part from the scarring memory of an apparently suicidal pet parrot that flew straight down into our cat’s food dish. Perhaps it has been influenced by an international childhood amidst a culture where it was permissible for the neighbors to eat the missionary’s cat.  (Although some may say my cat just had it coming to him!) 

This presented a problem when the man I wanted to marry introduced me to his two best friends. Pongo was a large Dalmatian with a quirky personality and mismatched eyes, one blue and one brown. Cooper, also a Dalmatian, was the strong, silent type with a poker face that left me guessing whether he wanted to befriend me or just bite me…


…Most of us have experienced the moment love’s magic clashes with reality. If we believe the lie that love is only as true as the way we feel, then such moments can frighten and frustrate us. I cherish the moments when I am so captivated by my husband that it is easy to love him and his dogs, but we both know these moments come and go. While they are an exceptionally beautiful aspect of love, they are not the extent of love.

Not everyone may agree with me. Our culture is quickly becoming a feeling-oriented culture that promises people if they just follow their hearts they will find true happiness. God does not concern Himself with pleasing the popular or politically correct philosophies of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; He concerns Himself with truth, transformation, and the pursuit of holiness…

…Understanding biblical love involves an understanding of biblical language. During my time as a theology student, I learned that taking the time to look at a particular term as it would have been understood in its original language and context often resulted in a more powerful revelation of truth. (I also learned the value of various books and dictionaries that allowed me to study my Bible a little deeper without having to cloister myself in a cave for thirty years and become a Greek scholar myself!)

Unlike the English language, the Greek language uses three different terms for love to describe three distinct types of love. The first term, eros, describes a magical love like we just discussed, the kind that creates cloud nine moments where men are perfect and dogs don’t shed…”

*Want to read more? Look for the full version release soon and enjoy our other excerpts in the meantime!

**Food4Thought:  “One of the most destructive ‘love lies’ Satan has sold our world gives us the impression that we get to determine who is and who is not deserving of our love. What does Romans 5:8 teach us about agape love?”

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