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BOGO Mommyhood & Chore Charts

Whether it’s a BOGO event at the shoe store or creative combos in the house, most women have a knack for doubling and tripling the outcome of their efforts.  As mama’s we live by making the most of these “two-for-one” opportunities, especially when it comes to teaching our children! When my kids learn personal responsibility and the power of positive praise, and I get a clean floor out of the process, it’s a win-win scenario for the whole family! So I had to highlight this wonderfully creative flip-up chore chart from a recent post by fellow blogger and mother of four who just happens to be my beautiful sister! Check out Jen’s full description of several creative and well-organized systems for teaching responsibility to toddlers, teens and all the ages in between at

ImageThese personalized flip-up chore charts have worked wonders in our home and provide the consistency of a daily expectation that I love. My two Kindergarteners are excited to see their names spelled out as they flip up one letter at a time upon completion of each chore, and I appreciate the easy link from their daily chore chart to other expectations I have. For example, one picture on their flip-chart is a smiling sun which represents their “morning checklist.” This corresponds to a separate “morning checklist” I have posted in their rooms which saves me from repeating the simple steps of getting ready for each new day. (Pictured below with their “bedtime checklist” as well.)


My favorite ‘two-for-one’ on this flip-up chart has to be the blue circle for “Chore Jar.” This daily chore links up to those chores that only need done on a weekly or monthly basis without requiring a separate chart or system!


Our chore jar uses Easter eggs but a quick search online will bring up lots of brilliant ideas to get your creative juices flowing! The Easter eggs each have a chore written on them such as organize the shoe rack or sanitize doorknobs and light switches. Whichever egg they pick is the chore they do that day for the “Chore Jar” picture on their flip-up chart. As an added bonus, once the chore is done they get to open the egg and enjoy the sweet surprise inside! It may be a piece of candy or a quarter or a little note for ten minutes of media time. They love the game it has become, and I love knowing that the odd little jobs are still getting done occasionally without additional chore charts or having to keep track myself. (After all, what mama has the memory space to monitor how often the doorknobs are getting sanitized?!) Each finished egg gets moved from the jar to the basket and once the jar is empty we start all over again!


Loving our children by teaching them personal responsibility may take longer than just taking care of the task ourselves, but I am learning the benefits of focusing on the bigger picture. Keeping in mind the character I want to see in my children down the road reminds me that the extra efforts of today will not be wasted. in fact, they are the stepping stones that get us there.

I would love to hear what has worked (and what has not!) for the kiddos in your home! Don’t forget to check out Jen’s blog for more creative ideas on organizing household responsibilities and download a free pattern for creating your own flip-up chore chart from her post: Sanity Saving Chore Charts

2 thoughts on “BOGO Mommyhood & Chore Charts”

  1. I love the things you added on (especially the morning routine and evening routine lists) and am thinking we need an Easter egg chore jar, too, for the little ones! 🙂

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